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Op deze webpagina vindt u activiteiten terug die niet door Merlyn worden georganiseerd, maar die we ten zeerste aanraden.

Kevin James Heartsongs

We had such a wonderful concert with Kevin and Susana in May and a magical week of chanting with them in Corfu that we are over-excited to let you know that they will be back! ​

We will organise an open air concert on Saturday September 25. We won't have a tent this time, so please send sunny vibes, do your sun-dance and be prepared for anything. ​

When Kevin & Susana hold their circles there is a joy rising. They bring so much love and connection, so needed these days. So come and join us for some magic in our garden.....

Info & bookings: Soul Happenings - www.soulhappenings.be - 0478/60 60 86

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